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[My name is David and I live in West Cumbria. My main interest is Amateur Radio. I took my radio examinations in 1982 and became very active on 40 metes,, morsecode only with a 1 watt output transistor transmitter,, I also built a small 40 meter superhetrdyne receiver and spent about 3 years increasing my speed of morse which was great fun. I think I worked about seven hundred contacts,, nothing marvelous.

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The above transceiver is a homemade all solidstate 180 watts output 3 band rig for 80 , 20 , 40 meters. It was built from various designs but the heart of it is based around the G4CLF design using the Plessey SL1600 series of intergrated circuits. I have made 3 rigs over the years using this design and all have proved very reliable.but unfortunately these chips are no longer available. I built this rig to take out to Grenada in the West Indies because I made it very small and compact and when we got to the little Spice plantation I put up a 2 elemant Quad for 20 meters at 30 feet abgl and every day for about 4 weeks contacted my friends back here in the UK AND WITH 180 WATTS OUTPUT,,, 20 over S9 every day which I thought was very good concidering the bands at that time were down in solar flux

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[ Items for sale

2 brand new  4CX250B`s with valve bases  £150

Several second hand 4CX250Bs £15 each

Valve bases for the above  £10

Mullard  4/400 valves  £30 each second hand

4CX250B valve transformers 2 of £40 each

Enquirys to


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